Tuesday, March 23, 2010

good day, sunshine.

This week I am house-sitting, which contrary to what you might think, is NOT sitting on a house waiting for it to hatch.
Apparently, what "house-sitting" means is to chase two dogs (yoggers, poopers, yoggies, troublies, rascals, squirrels)around the neighborhood.
We are pioneers! (That is what the doggers and I say when we ford the river and find our way back home after a ripe adventure.)

Anywho. I am dog sitting this week, and today was a lovely sunny day. I took them on a walk. We walloped about.

Wallop :
1) to gallop or
2) to flutter, wobble, or flop about

We did the latter.
And, to make it even better, one of my cacti (I still prefer cactuses) bloomed today. Three whole flowers - purtty and pink.
AND, I wore a t-shirt with a tiger on it. and even shorts for a while. It was that nice.

Good day, sunshine.

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