Sunday, November 1, 2009

ups, downs, highs, and lows; or my boring life.

returning home from adventuring was hard, but going back to school has turned out to be even more difficult. studying, writing papers, and working have taken over most of my "free time" making the little time i have left for other activities quite precious. the school year is going well so far, it has just been difficult getting use to being in university after time off. as i sit down to write a paper, or as i begin to study for upcoming exams, i can always think of about a million places i would rather be and a billion things i would rather be doing. but now is not the time for those other things, now is the time for school. so, each morning i wake up with the rising sun and hop on my bicycle to ride to campus (unless it is raining, which it seems like it has been every day for the last three weeks...)
even though i spend all my free time doing less than freeing things and am not super thrilled yet about school, i do quite enjoy my job. this is my third year working for holiday decor hanging christmas lights, and i must say this year has been the most fun so far. i just love running around on roofs and being outside, even if the weather is rather crummy. it is nice. it gets me moving and rejuvenates my body and mind.
so, despite all the studying and working i have been doing, it is not all bad. it has been rainy, but the rain just makes the sunshine all the brighter and the autumn leaves more brilliant.